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-- NOTICE --

Note that many hubs are now allowing 'standard' clients only. 'Hacked' or 'cheat' clients are banned. Approved types are Apexdc++ or DC++ or StrongDC++ . Using other cheating clients will get you kicked.

View the Live Hublist


The client hublists below, and the 'live' online hublist above, are all produced by the hub registration program.
All are updated immediately whenever a hub is added, or changes made. All lists contain the same data.
Remember to refresh your clients default list often, to keep up-to-date with any recent changes.

Our hublists are now available only in xml format.
If you have a client that still uses .config files, it's way past time you upgraded.

1. PublicHublist.xml        or        Hublist.xml - an XML format version.
2. PublicHublist.xml.bz2    or     Hublist.xml.bz2 - a compressed version of the xml.

To use our hublist in your client program, in your DC hublist settings put... or... for the compressed version.
yes, you can leave off the 'public' and just put /hublist.xml... if you wish

You can have multiple hublists in your client settings. The one at the top is tried first. If it fails, the next is tried, and so on. To use a specific list, just double-click it and it should load.
Recent changes.
Enabled adding user numbers. Pinger wasn't doing it, so now you can. Corrected failing lists, which were showing as corrupted in some newer clients. The problem was caused by users who don't follow instructions, using non-standard characters and corrupting the lists.
9th Oct. Fixed the Register New User page. (Corrupted php code. Tries to look innocent. Fails. Again.)
18 Sept. Apostrophes were causing database failures. "Reds" worked. "Red's" didn't. Fixed.
The hublist format has been altered to sort out some parsing problems and to cope with ADC hubs.
A Hub Language field has been added. This will appear as the first item in the Description field. It allows users to sort description by something useful, grouping the languages you speak - or don't.

Running your own Hub ?

To add your hub to our lists, use the 'Add a Hub' link at top. You must be registered and logged-in to add a hub. Or of course you can simply Email us the details

The "Add a Hub" utility is simple enough to understand and use, and has ample help - in English anyway.

If you have a hub that does both NMDC and ADC, enter it twice if you wish, or just say ALL or BOTH.
When you enter your hub details, you MUST supply a valid Email address.
A confirmation Email will be sent to the Email address you provided.
You MUST reply to that Email message within 7 days or the hubs details will be deleted.
The hub's web address will NOT BE SHOWN in lists until that confirming Email is received.

The IP of the person who enters a hubs data is recorded for security. That IP becomes the 'owner' of the entry, and only that IP (or our Admin) can access it in future. So if you try to update your hubs details and it doesn't happen, either you didn't enter it, or your IP has since changed. Contact us and we will either reset the IP to yours (after checking it), or delete the hub so you can re-enter it yourself and thus gain ownership. Or simply email us the info and we will sort it out for you.
NOTE. We are in the process of changing from users IP, to a password access system, to overcome the constantly changing IP's of some users.

To list a 'private' hub, just enter the details as usual, but in the Address field put "Private. (contact details)" eg: "Private. PM yournick in hubname." or for example "Private Hub. Contact Redrider in Redrider's Place."

Remember also to make sure your Hub is set up to register itself with any hublist programs.
For example, to have your hub register and update itself with us, in your Hub programs 'Hublist' settings, tick the 'use this hublist server' or similar boxes, and enter in each of the Name, Description and Host boxes. The Port should be set to the default 2501. You can leave everything else blank.
Your hub will call our hublist site, which will then add or update your hub in our list. Simple. Done. Our hub checker ('pinger') will pop in occasionally to see how you're doing and update your listing.

Please Note. All Hublist entries must be in English only, using standard alphanumeric text characters only. No cyrilics, ascii, non-standard characters or 'leet' stuff. Any found will be removed.
Why? Because we insist on an Easy to Read, properly sorted listing. DC and some utilities often have problems sorting or handling certain non-standard characters. Your fancy leet ascii stuff doesn't sort properly, and is extremely hard to read or remember.
Nor will we accept any trademark, registered, or copyright symbols. These are NOT legal and impossible to enforce. Advertising of networks will also be deleted. We list hubs, not networks.

Why only English? Because it's the International language, and the most widely used, understood by the most people. If you don't use it you are losing users, since many will not understand anything on your site. Nor is anything non-english in your users shares of any use to English speakers. Nothing worse than spending hours - or days - downloading a file, to find it's in a language you don't speak. Make sure your file listings show the language version of the file.

Our hublists can now be language sorted. The first item in the Description field will be the Hub Language. Eg: English, or Romanian, etc. This allows DC to use the Description field to sort by language. When you list or update your hub details, specify where your hub is based (country) and the language used. (Hubs using No-ip and DynDns type servers all appear to be based in the USA, since they use those US based servers, making it impossible to tell the hubs actual home country.)
Running a hublist? Send us the details and we'll add it to our hublists list.
Running a Music site? Send us that info too and we'll add it to the list.
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