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Our hublists are now available only in xml format.
If you have a client that still uses .config files, it's way past time you upgraded.

1. PublicHublist.xml        or        Hublist.xml - an XML format version.
2. PublicHublist.xml.bz2    or     Hublist.xml.bz2 - a compressed version of the xml.

Of course you don't need to download a hublist, unless you want a copy locally to look at - or copy from. lol. They are only of use in your Client program, and you don't need an actual copy for that. Just the link to our server.

All you need do to use our hublist in your client program is....

In your DC hublist settings put...    or...    for the compressed version.
yes, copy and paste is fine. And yes, you can leave off the 'public' and just put if you wish

Your client will use that address to download a current copy of the hublist and use it.

You can have multiple hublists in your client settings. The one at the top is tried first. If it fails the next is tried, and so on. To use a specific list, just double-click it and it should load.
Remember to refresh your hublist often, to catch any alterations or new stuff since the list was last cached by your client.