DC++ help for new users. (Newbies)

If you are new to DC++ it can seem a little daunting or complicated at first, depending on what client you are using. We recommend the standard DC++ client, or the Apex or StrongDC programs. These are accepted by almost all hubs.

You probably have already found a hub or two you like so we will start there. While in a hub you like type /fav while in main chat. That will save the hubs address in your clients 'Favourite Hubs' menu. Then you can easily find your way back to that hub by selecting the yellow star up top, and clicking on the hub you want to log into. Or if you tick the 'Autostart' box, any ticked hubs will start up automatically each time your program opens.

If you haven't found a good hub yet, try one of those listed at hublist.org.nz Just click on any hub address to start it running. Note that many hubs might refuse you, unless you met certain conditions. More about this below.

It is recommended that you register at your favourite hubs to get full access. Most will block or restrict you if you are not registered, or if you have nothing shared. Typing +rules and +help is useful to see what they require.
Registering in a hub will vary in each hub depending on the hub software and hub preferences, so you will need to read the hubs info page or start up page to see how. If in doubt PM an Operator. Either way you will need to supply a password, after you have done that pop the password in the hub properties. To do that click the yellow star and right click on the hubs name, select properties and copy your password in! Easy!

There are two user modes on DC clients, Active & Passive. In passive mode, DC++ will only make outbound connections to other users, with all searches going through the hub itself, and any search results being returned through the hub as well. In Passive mode DC++ will return a maximum of 5 search hits, and passive mode users cannot download from other passive users. Passive mode puts a lot of extra strain on a hub, so please don't use it unless you absolutely must. DC++ users in passive mode will have M:P in their DC++ tag.

In Active mode, users on DC++ make both inbound and outbound connections directly to other users, with only searches being sent through the hub, and the search results being returned directly from active mode users, but through the hub for the passive users. Active users can download from either active and passive users. Obviously that means you can connect to a larger group of people. Active is by far the best as it gives you greater amounts of hits when searching. To select Active you will need to got to settings, (usually a blue square with a tick icon,) then select active making sure your IP number is in the box provided.

For more help with Active and passive mode, look at www.hublist.org.nz/dchelp/active-passive.html